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HUDSON, Massachusetts – Book Sale Finder, the premier source for information about used book sales and stores, has launched its mobile version: "We've been publishing information about used book sales, stores, auctions, fairs, and other events since 1994", says owner Helen Oram, "and we are excited to offer this new free service as part of Book Sales to Go™". The service is available throughout the USA and Canada.

The new site provides up-to-date information based on the location of the user. "With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, people love the convenience of mobile websites", Oram continued. "Book Sale Finder’s mobile version makes the search quick and easy from the road. Within seconds, sales and stores are displayed along with distance and directions. It's the latest in convenience and personalization."

"In our first few years, we offered only print editions telling people where they can find non-profit sales, but in 1997 we embraced the Internet and were able to add or change information quickly", said Ms. Oram. As technology changed, more personalized information was offered, including the very popular Sale Mail™, providing weekly updates based on individual preference.

Next came Book Sales to Go™ where users download locations of sales for their GPS. Book Sale Finder's mobile website is the latest enhancement to Book Sales to Go and

As with all services from Book Sale Finder, the mobile version of the website is free to everybody. "Those who have tried it say they love its simplicity, and are looking forward to using it on business trips and vacations. Just remember to put 'm.' before!", she emphasized.

Book Sale Finder is privately owned by Tom and Helen Oram, and is headquartered in Hudson, Massachusetts. Contact: or 888-BOOK-321 (888-266-5321).


HUDSON, Massachusetts – People donate over 60 million books a year to charity groups such as Friends of Libraries, and those groups in turn sell them at book sales. A recent survey reveals that not only are book lovers buying millions of those books, but fledgling entrepreneurs are building small businesses re-selling those books online.

Book Sale Finder recently conducted a comprehensive survey of charity book sale organizers and attendees (used book dealers and other book buyers). The survey results detail the many reasons for buying books at these sales. Most attendees are looking for bargain books to read or to add to their collections; established booksellers use charity book sales as the biggest source for their stock. But particularly noteworthy are the many retirees, homemakers, and part-timers who run profitable home-based book selling businesses using tools and services available online.

The survey results also provide such information as which states have the most charity book sales (in 2010 there were 7,263 sales), how much the charities receive from the sales, where book dealers sell books, the size of their stock, and their annual revenues.

Full reports are available at

ABOUT BOOK SALE FINDER - Since 1994, has been telling people where to find non-profit and other used book sales, as well as used book auctions, fairs, and other book events. Currently Book Sale Finder publishes details about more than 7,000 sales held annually in the USA and Canada, and has over 20,000 weekly Sale Mail™ subscribers.

New Product Guides Book Buyers Directly to Used Book Sales Using GPS

HUDSON, Massachusetts – Book Sale Finder, the online guide to used book sales, announced the release of Book Sales TO GO™, a free product which allows people to easily locate book sales and non-profit book stores throughout the USA and Canada.

"We rely on our GPS to take us everywhere we want to go," said Helen Oram who runs Book Sale Finder. "My husband and I travel quite often and we love to visit book sales and non-profit book stores around the country. We produced Book Sales TO GO to make it easier for us and for the tens of thousands of people who rely on Book Sale Finder to tell them where to find book bargains."

Designed for use with any GPS device, Book Sales TO GO provides the exact location for each sale – not just the town where the sale is located, but the building where the sale will be held. Available as a free download from, Book Sales TO GO is updated each week and contains directions to non-profit book stores and upcoming used book sales.

"I've used Book Sale Finder for 10 years; your information has been a huge help. I always print out the list of sales from your web site and carry it with me,” said a bookseller the Orams met at a sale. He supports his entire family of 6 people solely with his book business. “With Book Sales TO GO," said Oram, "he can just plug in his GPS and go. He won’t even need to plan where he’s headed; wherever his car takes him, his GPS will display nearby book sales and stores."

Since 1994 Book Sale Finder has provided information about thousands of used book sales to people looking for book bargains: book lovers, book collectors, professional and part-time book sellers, and others who want to save money on their book purchases. Book Sales TO GO joins Book Sale Finder's other innovations: Sale Mail™ – a free personalized weekly email of upcoming book sales (currently over 20,000 subscribers); and Book Sale View™ – a map showing all upcoming sales in the United States and Canada.

Woman's Day and ALA Recognize Publisher of Book Sale Finder

Hudson, Massachusetts - Helen Oram, the owner and publisher of Book Sale Finder, is a winner in a contest co-sponsored by Woman's Day magazine and the American Libraries Association. The theme of the contest was "How I started a business with the help of libraries", and 4 winners were chosen from thousands of entries.

Helen's winning essay describes how she and her husband built their successful website,, using help from librarians and Friends of Library groups throughout the USA and Canada. Beginning in 1994, they published 3 editions of a book telling where book sales can be found. By 1997, they had expanded the business to take advantage of the Internet revolution. Today, is an essential resource for book lovers everywhere, and Ms. Oram continues to rely upon the knowledge and helpfulness of library groups.

"I'm proud to be recognized by Woman's Day and ALA," said Ms. Oram. "I have depended upon libraries all my life: as a child, as an adult, as a mother, and as a business owner. I hope this helps motivate others to use the unparalleled resources of their local libraries, and I especially hope that they will attend used book sales. Our motto is: Good Books at Good Prices for a Good Cause - Everybody Wins!"

The article appears in the March, 2008 issue of Woman's Day.
You can read Helen's award-winning essay here

Book Sale Finder Acquires Book Sale Scout™

Hudson, Massachusetts - Baysys Publishing, which runs the web site, announced its acquisition of the website and business of Book Sale Scout™.

Helen Oram, owner of Book Sale Finder, commented, "We are very pleased to have acquired Book Sale Scout. We have many plans to expand the features offered by Book Sale Finder, and the addition of Book Sale Scout will help with our strategy."

"Book Sale Finder has proved to be an essential tool for used book dealers, book collectors, homeschoolers, avid readers, and other book lovers. We're proud that we have been able to serve both book buyers and booksellers, and we are excited about some of the new concepts we will introduce in the next several months," said Ms Oram.

Book Sale Finder will continue to offer its unique features, notably: Sale Mail™ - a free service which tells subscribers the dates of upcoming book sales in their area, and Sale Maps - showing the locations of book sales and used book stores, using Google Maps.

At this time, will direct visitors to the Book Sale Finder website for book sale information.

Book Sale Finder Introduces Book Sale VIEW™

Hudson, Massachusetts -The used book sale site announced the launch of its latest feature, Book Sale VIEW™, which displays book sale locations across the United States and Canada on Google maps. The new tool helps the viewer plan a complete book-buying trip, taking in several book sales in an area. Information ranging from book sale dates, number of volumes and prices are available either alone or in conjunction with their location on the Google map.

Hundreds of used book sales are held every weekend. Throughout the year, people donate books to non-profit groups who sell them to the public at very low prices - often 50 cents or $1 each. At these sales, buyers stock up with the latest novels, how-to books, software, cookbooks, gardening guides, children's books - there's something for every reader or collector. "They charge less because the books are donated - the donor gets a tax deduction, the non-profit group makes money, and the buyer saves money. Everybody wins!" said Helen Oram of

Library Friends groups and other charitable organizations have been running the popular events for more than 50 years. Until a decade ago, announcements were limited to notices posted in local newspapers. Now, thanks to the Internet and, book lovers can quickly find book sales in all areas. With Book Sale VIEW, it's easy to see which sales are nearby - or near a vacation destination.

The free service provides visitors with dates, times and other relevant details about upcoming book sales across the US and Canada. With the introduction of Book Sale VIEW, looks forward to an even better experience for the user. "Now the viewer can quickly see where book sales are held," said Oram. "It will be easier to plan a day of book hunting."

According to the Book Industry Study group, consumers in the US spent more than $2 billion dollars buying used books in 2004, an 11% increase over 2003. This bodes well for non-profit organizations, whose sales receive higher attendance and whose revenues will continue to rise. It's also good news for thousands of people who want to start a small business selling used books online.

Helen Oram and her husband Tom created Book Sale Finder when they realized that book sales were difficult to find. "I knew that we, like many other people, appreciated used books", said Oram. "I never knew how popular it would become, and that the industry would grow so large."

The map contains all the book sales during the coming 2 weeks, as well as all the non-profit used book stores in the area, but the visitor to can also access a calendar of future book sales - up to 9 months in advance.

Book Sale Finder Introduces Sale Mail™

Hudson, Massachusetts, the only website listing used book sales in the USA and Canada, announces that it has introduced a new free subscription service: Sale Mail™. With this service, a subscriber will be notified each week of any used book sales in the area. A subscriber simply fills out a form with an email address, city and state, and number of miles willing to travel.

Each Tuesday night, Book Sale Finder scans the thousands of used book sales in its database, looking for any sales that will be occurring on the next weekend. A personalized email is sent to each subscriber, listing those sales. Helen Oram, the owner of Book Sale Finder, stated "We're very excited about Sale Mail. Lots of people have told us they missed a local sale because they forgot to check our site that week. Now, they needn't worry; each week our Sale Mail will be delivered to their inbox and they can look to see if any of the nearby sales interest them."

Already, many people have signed up: some for short distances (e.g., 10 miles), and others who will travel much further for a good sale (hundreds of miles). Subscribers are guaranteed that their email addresses will not be sold or given to any other business, so subscription is not only free, but private.

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