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Book Sale Finder Privacy Policy

We have a pretty simple policy regarding your privacy:
  • We will not list your e-mail address, phone number, or name anywhere on our site unless you specifically give us permission to do so. When you fill out our forms, we clearly differentiate information that we may publish vs. information which will not be published.
  • We will not sell or give your personal information (e-mail address, name, phone number, or address) to any other company without specific permission from you to do so. However, if someday we decide to sell Book Sale Finder (yes - everything is for sale at the right price), we will transfer your information to the new owner as long as the new owner agrees to maintain our privacy policy.
  • If you subscribe to Sale Mail, we may occasionally send you an advertisement (usually as part of the Sale Mail), and if we do, we will clearly state that the mail was generated by Book Sale Finder.
  • Right now we use 'cookies' only to help with navigation on our Sale Maps, and the cookies are valid only while you are looking at our web pages (i.e., they are valid only during an online 'session'). In the future we may decide to use cookies to help us understand more about how our pages are used, but in no case will we tie a specific cookie to a specific person. Cookies are anonymous.
We would be happy to answer any questions you have about privacy. See below for contact information.

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