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Important Note

Although we go to great effort to assure that our location coordinates are correct, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the locations.

But we do want to know if, for example, our directions bring you to the middle of a lake rather than a book sale!

To report any problems, please send us an email.

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Find Book Sales and Book Stores WHEREVER YOU ARE!

Now you can find nearby book sales and book stores wherever you travel. Just use your smartphone and connect to:

There is no need to download a special app; it works with any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with an Internet connection.

Go to (note the 'm.' at the beginning) and you will get a page that looks like this:

Touch 'Near Me' to find book sales and book stores within 50 miles! Your device may ask if it's OK to use your current position - just touch yes.

Going somewhere else? You can find book sales near any other place, just type city, state, or zip code then touch 'Search'

In either case, you will automatically get a display of Book Sales in the area. The display looks like this:

Notice that you see the dates of each sale (up to 2 weeks in advance), along with the direction and distance from your location. At the top of the screen, you can also touch 'Stores' to find used book stores within 50 miles, or touch 'Both' to find all sales and stores together on one screen.

Once you decide which sale or store interests you, just touch that item and a new screen will be displayed that looks like this:

After you have decided which sale to visit, touch 'get directions'.

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